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Petdex formed in early 2018, we established in a year of DOG (Zodiac), for representing love and care in pets travel.

Petdex delight gives relax and comfort trip to you and your beloved one. By reaching the international standard in shipping pets, we act an important role for you. We do care the safety of your pet's travel.

What makes us different?


We love our pets so we bring them and travel with us, but planning for the travel can be burdening and worrying. Spending hours on the computer searching for the pet travel information may get you results – but most of the time it just leads to confusion and frustration.

Petdex understands your concerns, therefore we are introducing a brand new concept: one-stop pre-travel consultation AND pet travel arrangement -- veterinarian check up, export/import procedure, airline handling & crate training etc. You will get every single piece of information in ONE consultation with our professional follow-up services. You can simply rely on us to solve all issues, leaving you troubles behind.


What you can expect from us:


  • Tailor make information pack

  • Door-to-door vet check-up before travel

  • Check in procedure (excess baggage / cargo)

  • During flight condition (temperature control/ loading procedure etc)

  • Destination clearance


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