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Excess Baggage VS Cargo  Top 5 Q&A

1. What are the differences?


Excess baggage: your pets go with you on the same plane but in the luggage section. You will check in with your pets like how you usually do in the airport and carry out clearing process after landing (your pet relocation agent may help).


Cargo: your pets may/may not fly with you . You will check in and finish clearing process at the cargo terminal upon arrival (your pet relocation agent may do for you).


2. Which one is cheaper?

Usually “excess baggage”, but fares may vary by different airports.


3. Which one feels better for my pet?

Same! Your pets will be accommodated in pressurisation cargo bay and stay in their crate throughout the whole journey.


4. Which one do people usually choose?

Depends whether the owners travel together. Excess baggage is generally more popular.


5. Why is the other option not available for me?

Not both options are available for all destinations and airlines due to various reasons. Some countries may not allow pets travel in excess baggage e.g. UK. Some airlines also have restriction to the maximum number of pets per person as excess baggage. 

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